TikTok continues to grow and establish itself as an essential player for advertisers. The platform has unveiled strategies behind high-performing ads and benefits from data-driven guidance to make it easier for advertisers.

Making content native

Marketing on TikTok is different from other platforms. TikTok users crave native-style content, more so than other platforms. A trend we see with all platforms that use full-screen, short-form video. Results in less successful with interruptive approaches, so you need to adhear to what people feel fit on the ‘For You’ feed for maximum branding impact.

Best practices for content

You should use both Brand-Led & Creator-Led content for the full impact. It’s important that you both have content that comes directly from the brand, and that there are similar messages from creators on the platform. In the same way that it works best when using multiple platforms to get maximum effect. 

Sound, music and voice-overs

Creatives should use both music and voice-overs along with the text. IPSOS analysis clearly shows a positive correlation when using both music and voice-over. We always recommend our clients add this together with text overlays.

Use characters

People want to see characters, this can be a real person, fictional character or maschot. Our recommendation is to use people or characters they can relate to, which get a higher ad recall.

Show off your brand early

As previous research and our experience, one should show the brand in the first seconds without just showing a strangely placed logo. In addition, brand cues should be delivered several times throughout the video.

Don't forget the offer

Be clear in the messaging. Bring out the benefit and claim to get a better Ad Recall and Brand Linkage.

Behind the study

TikTok partnered with IPSOS to conduct a meta-analysis to provide data-driven best practices on creative elements. It resulted in 296 brand lift studies over one year that gained more insight into the branded content elements driving the best response.

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