Everyone knows by now that Meta is losing market share to Tiktok at a rapid pace.
Short format on Tiktok has created a change in the market that has not been seen for a long time. Instagram Reels feed is no match for Tiktok Feed. Tiktok has a much stronger AI behind it that gets you completely stuck in the Tiktok app, and regardless of interest, there is a niche for you.

What Facebook is now introducing will have a hard time measuring up to the Tiktok AI, but to make it more lucrative for creators, a staggering $ 1 billion has been set aside to support creators who post original content on Facebook.

It may be a step in the right direction; it’s too little and too late. The age of loyal Facebook users is increasing, and the older user may not be as receptive to new functionality.

So why is this big news for Brands?

Reels is Meta’s fastest going format. Many advertisers are already active with advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Hopefully, this will lead to more ad inventory, and some users may return to the platform.

Facebook Reels Ads

Facebook will soon be starting to monetize its Reels formats with overlay ads. By end of March, overlay ads should be available to almost all countries.

Facebook Reels will enable with three ad formats:

  • Overlay ads
  • Sticker ads
  • Banner ads

Note: Paid Ads in Reels have not been released yet. It will be released shortly.

What does Facebook Reels mean for Brands?

Meta is well known for pushing new features. Brands who jump on early can get an extensive organic reach. The same thing happened when Meta released IG Stories and IG Reels.

It will be essential to create Facebook Reels that feel organic. Think about what happens on Facebook and adapt your content; it should be educational, inspiring, and entertaining for getting a high view rate on your ads.

We believe it will work well if you are one of the first with great content.



Start right away and create content right now. Create the campaign when Facebook officially releases the feature if you have content ready. Use content that is already running on Tiktok into Facebook content.
Think creatively about using the placement, so it feels as “native” as possible.

Do it.



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