Most social media platforms focus on short video content following the success of Tiktok. Meta is currently launching Facebook Reels worldwide. It’s easy to forget that YouTube has its format with YouTube Shorts.

In a short time, YouTube has received 5 trillion views across the globe. Youtube is now showing Shorts even on desktop. With this update, the user will now be shown a row with Shorts. And Shorts will get even more focus on the platform and generate even more views.

What does this mean for Brands?

YouTube Shorts are a way for Brands to get more subscribers and direct views to a channel. By posting Shorts your brand can get more views, both on Shorts and other uploaded videos, and increase your subscribers.
In addition to creating Shorts, marketers can also collaborate with influencers on Shorts.

What is the purpose?

It’s important to note that the purpose behind creating a Shorts, TikTok or Reels may differ. While TikTok and Reels create opportunities to build brands, drive engagement or traffic to a specific product or website, Shorts create opportunities to reach more viewers and build your YouTube channel.


Short-form video content seems to be still growing in popularity. And YouTube is still relevant with its long-form content. TikTok has just extended its videos to 3 minutes, and Reels can now be up to 60 seconds long.

Use YouTube Shorts to complement your existing presence on YouTube. And if YouTube content hasn’t been a focus yet, we recommend you consider a strategy that includes YouTube Shorts!